Sunday, Last day of the month!

Yay! I Did It! A blog post every day for a month, every single day!

I am excited. I'm not excited that it's over... I'm excited to know that I can blog like a "real" blogger! laughs. I _do_ have things to say, I am able to post little thoughts and not see those posts as "totally lame"!

So... be sure to head on over to my regular web site. I won't be posting here any longer, and I'm setting up my Static8 blog to be easier to update...

Static8 Journal

And in fact, here shortly, I will be updating the S8 with thumbnails of ALL my drawings that I did this month.

A big shout out goes to Eden, who runs National Blog Posting Month! Thanks so much, Eden, for conceiving the idea, and for running the web site, and for getting prizes organized.

Also, another Thank You to my Significant Other, who makes my life worth living... and maybe worth typing about! laughs.


I have been feeling kind of blah the past couple days, and have not been drawing because of it. humph!

The above is my drawing from the 18th. I saw that scene on my walk to work and thought to myself it would make a great drawing. Except I wish I could make my moon more moon-like! ha.

It always drives me crazy when artists render the shape of the moon incorrectly in their art.

In real life, when you see the moon you can always tell exactly where the sun is. Because the moon is reflecting the sun's light. Obviously.

But some artists just throw down a moon shape. They put their silly moon shape backwards, and it'll be pointing at a sun in the noon position, except their sky is black with stars.

It drives me crazy. And I know it's crazy that it drives me crazy. I mean, it's _art_, right? haven't you ever heard of "artistic license"???

Yes. I have heard of artistic license. Have You ever heard of observing nature and getting your stupid moon shapes correct??!

You see how crazy it makes me?


Friday: Postcards!

I am sending two postcards today, one to Germany, one to Austria... and I used my very last international stamps! (I'm hoping the stamps I ordered last weekend will arrive today!)

I really enjoy PostCrossing. And I will soon get up to the next level of sending...

As a newbie, I can only send out five postcards at a time. Each time a receiver registers the postcard I sent, I am able to get a new address to send to.

After you've got 20 postcards sent, you're allowed to have six postcards out at a time! The next level after that is 40 postcards (for seven at a time).

I've now got 18 of my postcards registered.

In the last couple of weeks I was worried that I would never get to 20 because several of my postcards got stuck. One of the first postcards I sent out never arrived, and at two months it finally "expired". And then three more of my postcards got stuck!

But the other day, one of the stuck postcards got registered after 25 days of traveling, so that makes me happy. I've just got the two now that have been traveling for over a month.

PostCrossing says that the average traveling time is 15.7 days. Most of my postcards take from 7 to 15 days...

It'll probably be a week or two before I hit the 20 postcard level. But if those stuck postcards would just get unstuck, I would have 20 right now!

Thursday Thanks

This entry is dedicated to my Significant Other! He is the best!

Without him, the daily blogging and the daily drawing would not have been possible. He has made us dinner every day, and has done all the house chores! Yay!

Plus, my SO is a wonderful person to have around, and I'm glad he's in my life.

SO: Thank you for all you do. And thank you for being you!

Happy Day! Have a Living Thanksgiving.

Wednesday: Birds

I have been noticing the sea gulls lately. We are about 60 miles from the ocean, and they don't normally live here. Sometimes you'll see a small group hanging out with the ducks, getting bread handed to them by humans.

But now there's a dozen or so sea gulls, flying around. Maybe they got tired of the ocean and decided to vacation here!

I couldn't find any sea gull pictures that I wanted to draw from, so I drew this albatross instead. Not the best drawing, but eh.

And then, this little sandpiper, to continue with my water bird theme!

Tuesday: Vegan

Sometimes, when people in real life find out I'm vegan, they say some crazy stuff. One of the more amusing ones is "where do you get your protein?"

heh. There is no such thing as a protein deficiency. If a person does have a "protein deficiency" it actually means they are starving to death.

I've been vegan for five years, now, and I've not starved to death yet. Not even once.


So. The next time you find out some cool person you know is vegan... Don't ask them where they get their protein!

Say this instead: "Wow, that's awesome! I'd like to go vegan, too. What's your advice?"

Trust me, that will make your vegan friend the happiest person in the world!!

Sunday: Environmental Vegan

Many people think that being an environmentalist and being vegan are separate issues. Nope, they are one and the same. When you care about ecosystems, you have to care about the animals who live in those ecosystems. Domesticated animals are not excluded! We all have to live on the Earth!

The Amazon rain forest is being destroyed for cows. Everyone knows this, right? And you would call this an environmental issue, right? And the logical response to this environmental issue is to go vegan! Vegans do not contribute to the destruction of the rain forests.

Or, how about this. In the US over 10 billion land animals are killed for food every year. There are about 306 million humans in the US. And almost all of these 306 million humans have access to sewer treatment. And those 10 billion animals who lived and died this year... have no sewers. Even tho the waste of most of those 10 billion animals is toxic with pesticides, hormones, antibiotics and who knows what else.

Another environmental issue that can be responded to by going vegan!

And, of course, there are the animals who live in the oceans. Not only have we decimated the species that we eat -- 90% of the populations of fish that we eat are gone -- bottom trawlers completely obliterate ocean floor ecosystems. And don't even get me started on bycatch.

hm, vegans don't eat fish... Yet another environmental disaster we are not contributing to.

If you love the earth and biodiversity: go vegan! If you love animals, from cows and chickens, to dolphins and sea turtles, to jaguars and monkeys: go vegan!

Saturday: Sleep

I am one of those rare people who value sleep. I love to sleep! I do best on a little over 9 hours of sleep, and I arrange my schedule to get those nine hours.

I hate it when I don't get enough sleep. Most of all, I hate being sleepy when I'm at work or in a situation where I can't get a nap. Somehow, when I am sleepy, it's the worst feeling ever. And so I avoid it by getting enough sleep!

I don't have insomnia or anything, I do sleep for most of my nine hours.

And you would think that after getting all that sleep, I would jump out of bed and be a happy morning person. Nope. I hate mornings. I don't want to deal with anything in the morning. I especially don't want to deal with people smiling at me and saying "good morning" at me. bleh, and if you are bouncy and bubbly in the morning, I will curse at you!

On the other hand, I don't want to sleep through the morning. I like to get up in decent time. Weird, huh?


Yeah, I don't have anything to say again, so I figured I'd change things up with a photo. :)

This is Boo and Twitch playing with Mr. Mango a blue chicken.

And now... I am buying stamps. I sent so many postcards today, I've all but run out of stamps!