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I have been feeling kind of blah the past couple days, and have not been drawing because of it. humph!

The above is my drawing from the 18th. I saw that scene on my walk to work and thought to myself it would make a great drawing. Except I wish I could make my moon more moon-like! ha.

It always drives me crazy when artists render the shape of the moon incorrectly in their art.

In real life, when you see the moon you can always tell exactly where the sun is. Because the moon is reflecting the sun's light. Obviously.

But some artists just throw down a moon shape. They put their silly moon shape backwards, and it'll be pointing at a sun in the noon position, except their sky is black with stars.

It drives me crazy. And I know it's crazy that it drives me crazy. I mean, it's _art_, right? haven't you ever heard of "artistic license"???

Yes. I have heard of artistic license. Have You ever heard of observing nature and getting your stupid moon shapes correct??!

You see how crazy it makes me?