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Sunday, Last day of the month!

Yay! I Did It! A blog post every day for a month, every single day!

I am excited. I'm not excited that it's over... I'm excited to know that I can blog like a "real" blogger! laughs. I _do_ have things to say, I am able to post little thoughts and not see those posts as "totally lame"!

So... be sure to head on over to my regular web site. I won't be posting here any longer, and I'm setting up my Static8 blog to be easier to update...

Static8 Journal

And in fact, here shortly, I will be updating the S8 with thumbnails of ALL my drawings that I did this month.

A big shout out goes to Eden, who runs National Blog Posting Month! Thanks so much, Eden, for conceiving the idea, and for running the web site, and for getting prizes organized.

Also, another Thank You to my Significant Other, who makes my life worth living... and maybe worth typing about! laughs.