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November 15th, 2008

Saturday rambling

On Friday, I signed off here with "it's friday night... go out and have fun," but I went to bed right after I typed that! I thought I was exhausted, but I tossed and turned all night. I zoned out for about half an hour before midnight and had dreams about colouring a drawing! I had gone to bed without doing my daily drawing and did dream drawing instead.

This morning I had chores to do... bleh! Ordinarily, I like to do chores during the week, to get them out of the way so my weekends are free. But I am not organized enough yet with my new temp job. eh.

This evening I watched yesterday's Whale Wars with my Significant Other. I love that show, it's very exciting plus they are directly saving animals. This was the second episode during which the Sea Shepard catches up with one of the whaling ships and two volunteers have jumped onto the whaling ship with a "cease and desist" letter! Yay, Sea Shepard!!!!

Yep, I like whales... But I also like domesticated animals, large and small. My Absolute Favorite animal sanctuary is Peaceful Prairie Sanctuary. They rescue farmed animals and are advocates of a vegan lifestyle. They are awesome!

I donate a pretty significant part of my income, and vegan advocating is one of the major deciding points. I used to support the Humane Society of the US, but I now consider that money wasted. I don't know what would happen if they spent their millions on vegan education... but I do know the millions they have spent, haven't done much good for animals. I would much rather support small organizations that directly help animals and have a clear, vegan direction.