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November 18th, 2008

Tuesday: Doom

I am a doomer. I believe that our civilization will collapse within my lifetime, probably a combination of factors: peak oil, food shortages, water problems and disease (my favorite, bird flu!!)

Since I live in the city, there is little chance that I, or the Significant Other, will survive. So I don't worry too much about it, and try to enjoy the life I've got right now.

I do sometimes imagine what it would be like, tho... My scenario, is that most everyone just dies, leaving the infrastructure intact. So: no people and no electricity but all the buildings and grocery stores are still there, full of canned foods to tide me over until my new garden starts growing.

(I recently decided that I would really miss hot showers. ha! I would miss my computer, but I wouldn't have to miss books unless some morons burned down the libraries.)

Of course, I wouldn't even have to bother with a garden, unless I want to. The foraging, both of the land and of the grocery stores, would be prime. And foraging societies only spend about three hours of their day with that "work", I would have plenty of time for those libraries!

Ha, yeah, too bad all you people have to die for me to live out my fantasy life! ;)